LED Lighting

LED Lighting Kits Starting at $149.99! ➤

Upgrade now to the same lighting system as seen on BMW, Lexus, or Porsche. LED lighting is the only way to see the road at night! Once you have ridden in something with xenon headlights, you’ll never go back. Our Xenon LED Kit is a revolutionary concept in automotive lighting that provides three times more light on the road than traditional halogen headlights.

Each light uses a tube of Xenon gas, and small amounts of other noble gases, which is placed between two high-voltage electrodes. When the electrodes are activated a bright blue/white light is emitted. Our LED bulbs are produced according to rigorous patent standards.

LED headlights are becoming the standard on a lot of high-end automobiles due to the unparalleled benefits they provide. For makes and models not equipped from the factory, we lend a helping hand. You can buy LED for Honda Civic kits to the Volkswagen LED kit and everything in between. Every LED kit we sell comes equipped with the proper hardware needed to make the install a painless and smooth process. LED conversion kit upgrades are available for all makes and models.

LED Color Chart ➤

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